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Q.E.D. Systems Areas of Expertise

Q.E.D. Systems, Inc. prides itself in being a "one-stop-shopping" company. We can deliver the total package; engineering design, installation, technical documentation, maintenance support, logistic support, and fabrication. With a GSA Information Technology (IT) Professional Services Schedule, we provide computer programming, website design, and visual information management, plus network design, installation, integration and testing. QED’s GSA Professional Engineering Services (PES) Schedule provides the full range of engineering services. Our GSA Water Treatment Chemicals Schedule can provide both product and services. QED’s Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) are the easiest method to fill your recurring IT, Professional Engineering Services, and Water Treatment needs. For over 30 years we have supported government and industry and acquired a reputation for excellence at competitive prices. Our strengths are many. Have a look at some of the things we do!  Also, find out more information about our new and exciting SHIP-MD Dashboard.

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Machinery Maintenance Planning

Technical Representative Services

On-site machinery inspection and repair

Air conditioning/ventilation surveys and repairs

Maintenance history/trend analysis



Modernization Planning Process

Technical Documentation/IETMs

Naval Architecture Planning and Estimating Specifications


LAN/WAN design, installation, maintenance and administration

Desktop computing lifecycle support (Equipment, engineering, O & M, management, training, technical support, customer services)

Airblown Fiber designer, installer and reseller

Software Development and Support

System Integration

Facility and Configuration Management



Graphic Services, Multimedia and Publishing

Computer Based Information/Training

Satellite TV Sales, Installation and Service

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Logistics Support Analysis

Warehousing Facilities

Equipment Maintenance

Technical Documentation

Material Management

Hazardous material handling, management and training

Material requirements forecasting to support maintenance plan

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Heat Exchanger and CHT Chemical Cleaning

Shipboard Preservation Services

Repair, Alteration and Installation (Equipment Alteration,
Installation and Test)

Material Management

Custom Fabrication


Machine Shop

Planning and Estimating Specifications

On-Site Machinery Inspection and Repair

Air conditioning/ventilation surveys and repairs

HFC Conversions

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Q.E.D. maintains state-of-the-art work-centers, shops, storage facilities, computer systems and facilities, and reprographic capabilities.


Electric/Electronic Shop Capabilities


Electric/Electronics Shops are environmentally controlled and equipped to support IT, C4I, and internal communications system alterations and installations. Our electrical capabilities include installing and checking out ship’s cabling, controllers, switchboards, equipment, communications, telephones, and metering. We also remove, repair, reinstall, and perform operational testing of electronic systems and equipment. We can perform telephone and communications circuit/equipment installations in-house. Our personnel are experienced in shipboard power distribution, radar, and communications systems, as well as in copper wire and fiber optic repairs and installation. Our technicians are certified for installing, pulling, blowing, and terminating fiber optic LANs and are certified to connectorize. Some specific assets include:



Electrical Plant Installation Standard Procedure Kits for Copper and Fiber

Multi-pin Connector Assembly Kits - Variety of tools for three types of kits

Fiber Connector Kits - Used to install SMARTSHIP cable systems

500 Volt Meggars - 0-2000 MIK, 0-600V

Heat Guns

Oscilloscope, Protek P2520 - Dual read-out for voltage and frequency

Wire and Cable Marker Manufacturing Hardware - Plastic and metal cable markers.

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Computer Capabilities

Web applications, modern graphics, and AutoCAD systems are maintained at the Engineering and Design Center located in Virginia Beach. The system has:

New system development

Software rewrite/redevelopment

Database design and development

Programming in Visual Basic, MS Access, Aperture, and Oracle

E-mail and file transfer capabilities

Dial–up capability

Access to the Internet

All common file transfer protocols

Latest data security capabilities

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines for (greater bandwidth (T1))

Latest version of commercial virus protection programs

A strict policy governing software licensing and configuration management has been adopted and is enforced. In addition, encryption software is available. If greater security levels are required, hardware encryption options will be implemented in accordance with the Corporate Technical Architecture. We produce a full array of products (for example, isometric, orthographic projections, 3-D, and solid-state models) up to and including E-size engineering drawings on vellum, bond, or Mylar materials, or on electronic media in AutoCAD. We develop engineering drawings and data packages to Level III standards in accordance with MIL-STD-100, DoD-D-1000, and MIL-T-31000, including complete parts lists and configuration baselines. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art software operating on either wide area or local area networks.

Fabrication / Structural Shop

The Fabrication/Structural Shop is fully capable of performing the structural tasks needed for all alteration and installation work. Our work experience includes general fabrication of foundations, sponsons, rotating equipment guards, and joiner bulkheads, as well as C4I and IT specialized work.

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Welding Shop

Our Welding Shop supports in-plant and shipboard installations and includes a large cadre of welders qualified to SUPSHIP-accepted weld procedures. We have stationary welding units in-shop and portable welding machines, including portable rod ovens, for use on board ship to weld (MIG, TIG, submerged metal arc) steel, aluminum and CRES plates, shapes, sheet metal, and piping. We also use portable acetylene cutting and brazing rigs with a full array of cutting and brazing heads.

Pipe Shop

Pipe Shop equipment accommodates all processes associated with piping system prefabrication, installation, and testing. We are experienced in both CuNi and steel pipefitting for fuel, water, high-pressure air and hydraulic systems, and refrigerant systems. Welders and braziers are qualified to SUPSHIP accepted weld and braze procedures for pipe applications.

Machine Shop

Q.E.D. provides manufacturing services and repair support for the full range of shipboard systems and equipment. Our Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment is capable of quickly and repeatedly machining a variety of materials to specified tolerances. Q.E.D. has various size lathes and milling machines with digital readouts providing redundant machining capability to handle up to 49" diameter components. We also have drill presses, hydraulic presses, grinders, saws, sanders, cutters, test stands, and a sand blast cabinet, including a number of programmable machines for repetitive fabrications (for example, two axis tracer systems).

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Rigging Capability

Our rigging equipment provides capabilities for removing and installing major ship components and equipment in compliance with safe marine practices. Our inventory of chain falls, clamps, beam clamps, nylon and wire slings and twists is kept in ready condition with current weight tests where applicable.



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