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 Q.E.D. enjoys a diverse, multi-talented professional and technical work force. Many Q.E.D. employees are retired military and most have a military, civil service, or shipyard background. The typical employee has extensive technical experience and is an effective communicator. Our people are mature and stable with long-term employment goals. They are extremely dedicated to productivity improvement, cost effectiveness, and providing the highest quality service. Q.E.D. employees include highly skilled and experienced:

Program Managers Managers
Engineers Equipment Specialists
Architects Maintenance Planners
Logisticians Administrators
Analysts Word Processors
Designers Draftsmen/Illustrators
Programmers Technical Writers/Editors
Instructors Data Entry Operators
Technicians Skilled Trades People
MCSEs BOFT Technicians
Systems Analysts CAD Technicians

One of the primary reasons for our long-term success is our corporate commitment to our employees. Q.E.D. provides a safe and healthy work environment, as well as, the best tools and technologies available. Q.E.D. is an equal opportunity employer with extensive fringe benefits, competitive salary structures, stable employment, and opportunities for advancement. The result of our employee retention program is a turnover rate of less than 2 percent.

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