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Q.E.D. History

Q.E.D. is a privately owned company, which provides engineering, installation, training, logistic, and material services to both government and industry. Using a disciplined engineering and technical approach, established data systems, and highly qualified and experienced personnel, we have developed processes and procedures for cost-effective life cycle systems management as well as design of naval and marine systems. The exceptionally diverse experience of our professional and technical personnel and support staff provides the corporate flexibility required to effectively execute concurrent tasks across a wide range of contracts. Additionally, individual cross training, incurred during a multitude of team assignments over the past three decades, enables us to assign additional experienced and qualified personnel as emergent needs develop. We are organized to take optimum advantage of our many functional disciplines and technical and logistic strengths and assign individual project responsibilities to managers of proven ability. This approach guarantees that the individual requirements of each contract are met by the most efficient use of technical skills within the corporation.

During the past 30 years this proven approach has made Q.E.D. a highly experienced leader in IT, marine engineering and naval architecture; design; alteration development; installation engineering; maintenance engineering; equipment/system testing; technical investigations, surveys and analyses; engineering operational procedures; technical documentation; computer aided design work; specification preparation; advance and production availability/overhaul planning; material management; integrated logistics support; and operations, maintenance and safety training. Over the years Q.E.D. has encouraged improvements in these work disciplines with special emphasis on enhancing the material readiness of Hull, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Ordnance equipment, IT and Combat Systems on surface ships, submarines, and at shore based commands.


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